How To Put On Your NEW Swim Cap!

~ Hold your swim cap open with both hands keeping both thumbs on the inside of the cap.
~ Look down at the floor and place the front end of the cap on your forehead. The crease of the cap should start at your forehead and end at the nape of your neck.
~ Pull the cap back until the back of the cap is down below your hairline.
~ Tuck ears and any loose hair strands into the cap

 ** Swim Cap Tips **
Some swimmers find it much easier to put on latex or silicone swim caps when the hair is already wet. 

Properly caring for your swim cap will make putting it on much easier. Rinse and dry your cap after each use and sprinkle baby powder inside to keep it from sticking together.

Swim caps can easily be punctured or torn, so trim fingernails and remove any barrettes or clips from your hair before putting on your swim cap. 

NOTE: Swim caps torn by fingernails, barrettes, etc., are NON-Refundable / Non-Exchangeable.