FINIS Freestyle Snorkle

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Finis Freestyle Snorkle

At its most basic level, the Freestyle Snorkel allows athletes of any ability to swim at normal and much slower speeds with perfect stability and a full range of motion. These skills are the most critical aspect for novice level swimmers to master and for advanced swimmers to perfect.

The Freestyle Snorkel is designed specifically for freestyle swimmers so that they achieve a lower head position. The curved tube places the head and body in the proper alignment so that training can be optimized. Swimming with a snorkel allows the athlete to adjust his or her stroke to the maximum efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Patented Center-Mount Shape:
Creates the perfect training tool to relax and concentrate on stroke technique while swimming.

Hydro-dynamic Snorkel Tube:
Slips easily through the water to help establish the proper body position and technique. Tube also limits oxygen intake which increases lung capacity and anaerobic stability.

Curved Tube Design:
Places head in proper Freestyle swimming position. Allows athlete to swim at higher speeds for enhanced training purposes.

Adjustable Head Bracket:
Fits heads of all sizes and allows snorkel to be worn without affecting swim cap or goggles.