TYR Hurricane Female Wet Suit

MSRP: $650.00
Sale Price:$325.00
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TYR Hurricane Category 5 Female Tri-Athlete Wet Suit

360° Core Stabilization System
Five core stabilization panels precisely target the muscle groups to elevate the swimmer ensuring optimal body position and preservation of core strength over the long-term of the swimming race.

Free R.O.M. Zones
Eliminates constriction, allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach while placing no strain on the shoulder.

Speed Wrap Paneling
Employing the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg, chest, and core to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag.

Graded Force Catch Panels
Thick graded panels are strategically aligned on the forearm to allow a catch-and-pull stroke like a built-in paddle. A thinner yet insulated layer lies under the riveted panel to allow a feel for the water while keeping the skin insulated.

Form Fitting Wrist Cuffs
Multi-stretch cuffs at the wrist allows powerful strokes while keeping water from entering the suit.

Quick Release Ankle Cuffs
Tapered legs allow the ankle of the suit to reverse and open for a quick and effortless removal during T1.

Suits are not Returnable