Grizzly Rear Step

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product description

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  • Platform top is 23" x 25" non-slip surface
  • No exposed bolts/hardware on platform top or step treads
  • Post is 2.5" diameter tubing for superior stability and performance - no known equal
  • Stainless steel gusset is passivated to ensure high quality finish
  • Engineered to eliminate deflection - no wobble or shimming required, easy to install and remove - no tools required
  • Front hand/toe grip on platform top allows for faster take offs
  • Platform top and step are made of Low Density Polyethylene resistant chemicals, UV inhibitors, no discoloration, no fading or cracking platform top
  • Platform top and step available in four colors, standard color is white
  • 18" H bar backstroke handles desiged for versatility
  • Access step is 10" x 8" molded-in non-slip surface
  • Anchor is machine bronze equipped with a stainless steel lid assembly
  • Anchor has exclusive locating slot design, eliminates rotation, guarantees proper fit and alignment of platform